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The 100% Natural Personal Care Routine

Posted by Luca Willington

Many of us like our skin care and personal care product to contain natural ingredients. For some people, using natural products is not a matter of choice, but a necessity. There are an umber of skin conditions that impair the skin’s barrier function and this is when the additives and harmful chemicals in personal care products become an immediate problem.

A 100% natural personal care routine is achievable and, what’s more, it isn’t difficult. Here are some replacement products for shampoo, shower gel and soap. Read the rest of this entry »


Fatty Acids and Their Skin Care Benefits

Posted by Luca Willington

The type of fatty acids we eat and put on our skin seem to make a huge difference to the way our skin looks and feels. A few years ago, after a lot of research on the subject, I drastically reduced the proportion of unsaturated fats in my diet. (A decision my GP might have well frowned on!) The results were spectacular. Only five days into the new diet my skin returned to being normal after years of being dry. It was like getting back the skin I used to have in my twenties – a little miracle! A couple of months later I noticed my sun spots were fading – I used to have a serious skin pigmentation problem that make-up could no longer hide and no cream (however expensive) seemed to alleviate. A year later the sunspots faded to the point they became unnoticeable. These days I am comfortable going out without wearing foundation at all. And it gets even better: my skin has regain suppleness and my wrinkles have diminished – I really did turn back the clock and it all comes down to the fats I eat.

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Oil-Based Products – the Future of Natural Skin Care?

Posted by Luca Willington

The latest issue of Women’s Health features an article with the title “Don’t be Scared of Oil Based Products”. Fifteen years ago this was unthinkable. But I’m not going to claim I’ve spotted a new  trend here – far too late for that since the story is already out for all to hear.

Instead I’m going to ask: How big is the oil based cosmetics market going to get? I for one will venture to place a bet on this answer: “really big” and this is why: The oil and water emulsion, which has been our typical moisturiser for many decades now, relies on emulsifiers (how else can you get the oils and water to mix?) and on preservatives to stop the emulsion becoming a paradise for all kinds of bacteria, moulds and fungi. To date, the cosmetic industry has not managed to find a functional natural emulsifiers or preservative – unless you count the “vegetal derived, processed”. More than that, there are some basic issues with these two groups of substances: Read the rest of this entry »