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Beeswax has been used as a cosmetic ingredient for hundreds, in not thousands of years. Its emollient and protective properties make it a very useful ingredient in moisturisers and lip gloss. A study by German scientists compared four products – two barrier creams and two moisturisers and found the moisturiser containing beeswax to be the most effective in protecting the hands of dental technicians handling irritating substances in their lab work.

Beswax never goes off – the one found in ancient Egyptian tombs is still usable today! It is sustainably produced and harvested without causing harm to bees. It seems and ideal cosmetic ingredient. But not everyone agrees. Over the last decades a vegan trend has developed. According to vegans beeswax is an unacceptable ingredient because it is of course of animal origin.

This trend puts some pressure on cosmetic companies and some have replaced beeswax with waxes of vegetal origin like carnauba or candelilla wax, or with hydrogenated vegetal oils. Read the rest of this entry »


Breathe Your Way to Better Skin

Posted by Luca Willington

Your skin reflects the general state of health of your body. It will react to factors like diet and stress. Nutrition is a well know line of treatment for conditions like rosacea, acne and eczema. Perhaps less known is the fact that stress levels can be very effectively controlled using some simple breathing techniques.

The underlying principle is that deep, regular breathing sends a signal to each part of your body to relax. And good breathing habits can learnt. That is why disciplines like yoga and chi gung teach breathing techniques. You may not have the time to practice yoga or chi gung, but dedicating five to ten minutes a day to practising a breathing exercise can give you very rewarding results.

The first – and perhaps the greatest – barrier to practising correct breathing is our belief that we know how to breath. After all, we have done it uninterruptedly from the minute were were born. No one will dare argue with that. It is equally true however, that from an early age stress and postural constraints have interfered with our breathing, leading to shallow, less than efficient breathing. So it makes a lot of sense to re-learn how to breath well. Would you care to give it a try? Here are a few simple instructions. Read the rest of this entry »