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 Herbal Skin Care 

Increasingly, people want to look after their skin with products that are natural and safe. Many cosmetic brands have responded to this change by increasing the proportion of natural ingredients in their products. But the emulsifiers and preservatives are still there.

No synthetic additives in The Herbjar's products

We won't waste time and effort persuading you preservatives and emulsifiers are natural. They aren't. So we are simply leaving them all out of our formulations. We focus instead on finding the best possible blends of ingredients that are good for your skin.

Water-free – Preservative-free

Mixing fats and other nutrients with water creates a hotbed for bacteria, fungi and moulds. Hence the need to add powerful preservatives to any water-based skin care product. The cosmetic industry has been trying to move towards “gentler preservatives”, but the truth is that preservatives are created to kill living things, so of course they may have a detrimental effect on living skin cells.

All Herbjar skin care products are water free, and this allows us to keep synthetic preservatives out of our formulations. While creams are best absorbed in the presence of water, it is not necessary for the water to be in the cosmetic jar. Applying The Herbjar's water-free skin care products on damp skin will ensure perfect absorption.

Excessive amounts of water (especially in combination with the emulsifiers in water-based moisturisers) may disrupt the skin's intracellular matrix and lead to imbalances like dryness or oiliness. However, oil based moisturisers can be formulated to contain only ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, and no potentially harmful ingredients. This is one reason why many of our customers notice significant improvement in their skin's condition after switching from water-based skin care products to Herbjar products.

As well as being 100% natural, Herbjar water-free skin care products are great value for money. A typical water-based cream contains two thirds to three quarters water, so with Herbjar creams, you only need to use about a third as much of the product in each application as you would with water-based products.

What will you find in The Herbjar's skincare products?

According to The Herbjar definition of “natural”, only the following three categories of substances are allowed in our formulations:

1. Plant extracts - vegetal oils, butter and herbal extracts -  that are true to nature i.e. they have not undergone any processing that altered their chemical profile. By this standard, natural-derived is not really natural, as the resulting substances are often heavily processed, bearing little or no resemblance to their natural sources. We favour cold extraction and supercritical CO2 extraction, as extraction methods that produce unadulterated, true to nature ingredients.

2. Inert minerals - i.e. minerals that do not react with other substances on the skin. We only use minerals with large particle size – no Nanoparticles allowed – that will stay on the surface of the skin, with no possibility of them being absorbed. These minerals include natural clays i.e. French Green Clay and Zinc Oxide.

3. Beeswax – the only ingredient of animal origin we allow in our formulations

These are ingredients you'll find across our whole range of products:

  • Vegetal butters and oils - e.g. Shea Butter, Camellia Oil
  • Plant extracts known to benefit the skin - e.g. aloe vera, chamomile, gotu cola
  • Minerals known to benefit the skin - e.g. natural clays and Zinc Oxide
  • Natural fragrance ingredients (in products that are not fragrance-free) – these will be either Essential Oils or ingredients derived from Essential Oils
  • Beeswax 

All Herbjar products are:

  • Paraben free
  • Preservative free
  • Petrochemical free
  • Alcohol free
  • Nanoparticle free
  • Free from artificial colours or fragrances
  • Free from ingredients of animal origin, with the sole exception of Beeswax

We only use the safest natural ingredients, taking into account not only traditional natural remedies, but also the findings of modern research. Wherever possible, we favour ingredients that are actually edible, on the principle that if it's safe to eat, then it's very safe to put onto your skin.

Reader-friendly ingredient lists

As there are no unfamiliar chemicals in our skin care products, the ingredient list will be much easier to read and understand than most cosmetic ingredient lists. While we are required by law to give the scientific (Latin) names of the plant extracts we use, we will add their English equivalent in brackets.

Cruelty free

We do not test on animals.The only ingredient of animal origin we ever use is Beeswax - not only because it's great for the skin, but we also believe that using bee products supports bee keepers and it is good for the environment.